Small Groups

The Bible is a BIG book, which can be difficult to navigate on your own. A small group is a great place to study God’s Word with others, learning how God’s Word is relevant to our lives today.

Why do you have small groups?

Small Groups are the way that people grow to be more like Jesus, which is called discipleship.

What do they look like?

• They are small, between three and twelve people in each group.

• Each small group meets twice a month.

• They are confidential, what is discussed in the circle stays in the circle.

What do they accomplish?

• Pray for One another

• Celebrate Life’s Victories

• Learn about the Bible and apply it to our daily lives

Who leads the small groups?

• Each small group has two leaders.

• All the leaders attend monthly leadership meetings with the Rector.

• All the leaders are disciples of Jesus who meet leadership guidelines.